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PUP Meets to Discuss Election Strategies

The rumor mill is churning in the old capital within the blue and white political camp surrounding the leadership of the People’s United Party.  While credible sources are speaking of a dissatisfied number of members within the party as it pertains to the Fonseca leadership, the National Executive with the standard bearers met today in what was the first meeting since the Dangriga bi-elections … While there are different angles to share with you this evening, we will start with a look at what the Party Leader says today’s meeting was for.


“We had a very good meeting; it was a meeting of the Executive and the Standard Bearers.  We spent most of the time planning, quite frankly, planning for elections.  We believe the elections are around the corner so we were planning the main pillars of our manifesto; we spent a lot of time discussing that. We also spent some time talking about registration; as you all know, this is the transfer period so those are issues that we are very concerned about and we spent a lot of time looking at those issues and planning forward. We are launching a “Power to the People” national tour ; so we talked a lot about that as well; that will start in the west and then move to the south. The national tour is to discuss issues and having a conversation with the Belizean people about many challenging and pressing issues facing our country. So those were the things that we discussed today so it was a very good, positive meeting, everybody contributed and as I said we set out a very clear time table and plan for getting things done in preparation for the general elections whenever they might come.”