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Government & Politics

PUP members talk about corruption in the Government


Corruption is the platform that the PUP demonstrated yesterday; calling out the Barrow administration on several issues. Julius Espat from Cayo South went even further when he challenged the Police Commissioner and the Director of Public Prosecutions to do their jobs or else……

Corruption is the platform that the PUP demonstrated yesterday; calling out the Barrow administration on several issues. Julius Espat from Cayo South went even further when he challenged the Police Commissioner and the Director of Public Prosecutions to do their jobs or else……

Julius Espat, Area Representative, Cayo South, People’s United Party

Julius Espat, Area Representative, Cayo South, People’s United Party: “A couple weeks ago the Chief Justice made a declaration. In that declaration the Chief Justice said that the Prime Minister of Belize acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally in the way he was spending your money. There are legal ramifications for doing that and so I am alerting the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and I am alerting the DPP- if you want to have a future in this country in the profession that you hold then do your job. All we are asking for is to treat them as how you treat us on the streets. Treat them the same way you treat us. Treat them the same  way you locked up the gentleman that stole one can of corned beef. That is all we want, we are asking you for fairness, we are asking you to do your job and if you don’t do your job the people of Belize will do their job.”

PUP’s Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde of Lake Independence took to the lectern and spoke of the enrichment of ministers, the roles of the union and the need to hold elected officials accountable.

Cordel Hyde, Lake Independence, People’s United Party

Cordel Hyde, Lake Independence, People’s United Party: “The Ministers have to understand that that business of coming in broke and leaving rich have to end. You can’t come in with no house and leave with six or seven houses. Why do you need six, seven houses brother ? How many rooms can you sleep in on any given night? Whilst the people are living like dogs you are living like kings at the expense of the people. We have to get serious. I already told me kids, don’t try to expect any land or house when I die you know ? It’s about getting your education, about working hard so that you can fulfill your greatest potential. If I didn’t give you any house and lot in the first term if we get back in the second term you can’t expect any house and lot. It’s about making sure that the people that are to get theirs get theirs because for too long we have been failing the people, for too long the rich man is getting richer and the poor people are getting poorer. Billions of dollars get spent and our people are suffering, come on man something is wrong with that picture. I know some people feel kind of hurt, kind of ketch feelings because the unions didn’t want to come march with us right? But I don’t catch feelings, I don’t want them to come march with us, I don’t want them to be our friends because they were friends with the UDP and you see what happened fifteen years later? They had to come march against he same UDP that they marched with fifteen years earlier. Because they have to understand this is a process, this is a journey, this is not a destination, we have to start to appreciate the beauty in struggle and see the ugliness in success because the success if fleeting, it’s a facade, it is faking you, the they talk fancy talk to you and then they forget you. We have to understand that it is a journey because no politician, no political party will have an epiphany you know ? It’s the people that have to make sure that they do what they are supposed to do so. So I love Miss Elena, I love my brother, I rate Dean Flowers and Speedy Henry and them but I don’t want them to be our friend, I want them to hold our feet to the fire and make sure we do what we are supposed to do every single day whilst we are in power.”

With the recent Saldivar scandal, the discussion of campaign financing legislation began and various sectors are clamoring for it to happen.  Cordel Hyde in addressing the issue says the people will have to not be so eager to settle for an easy fifty dollars.

Cordel Hyde, Lake Independence, People’s United Party:  Well it’s a national conversation we have to have. We certainly have to do something about the cost of elections, the cost of elections have become prohibitive and what has happened is that now ordinary people can’t run for politics. Your child or your child can’t really run for politics, it’s only the children of the powerful and wealthy who can run, we have to take a serious look at that because in the eyes of God we are all equal. Your pickni noh better than my pickni and your pickni noh better than my pickni and my pickni noh better than your pickni so at the end of the day we have to look seriously at what’s going on and have a national conversation so that at the end of the day we rationalize the cost of campaigns. We have to have some serious conversations with people from top to bottom because everybody is going to have to make some sacrifices, everybody it’s gonna have to understand that in the short term things might look glorious but in the long term you are forfeiting a lot because in the short term our people may get caught up and feel like ‘okay we’ll take this fifty dollars or this hundred dollars for elections’ but what you have is that those politicians they are indebted not to the people who voted for them but to people who paid for them to pay for that and so we have a real serious crisis that we have to address but it’s a national conversation and it’s not gonna be done overnight I think it’s a journey we have to embark on and we haven’t for the last twelve years, or the last twenty five years but we have to do it now.”

The rally at the Battlefield Park ended just after four o’clock yesterday evening.

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