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PUP National Executive discusses deadlines for submissions of nominations

As we mentioned before, today the national executive held its first meeting since the national party council met on September 30 2017 where there was a call for a national convention to be held this year by the end of November. Today the executive discussed deadlines for submissions of nominations. These must be submitted to the secretariat in writing thirty days prior to the national convention and that deadline is set for October 27 at four in the afternoon at the pup office.

Henry Usher – Chairman of the PUP

“These nominations must be in writing and they have to come from a unit of the party. There are two different sets of units in the party, there is the governing units including the caucuses, the constituency executives and so on and also the standing units which have to do with the women’s group, the youth group, the marshals and the ODS. So nominations for each position must be submitted in writing and the persons nominated have to agree and accept the nomination in writing by 4pm on October 27th. All positions on the National Executive are up for election except the Chairpersons of the Caucuses and the Standing Units like I just said, the head of the BYM and women’s group and so on; all other positions party leader, deputy party leader, chairman and so on national campaign manager, communications director all of these positions are available for election.”

Henry says the convention is long overdue. The last convention was held in January 2016 where Briceno replaced Francis Fonseca who stepped down.