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PUP Nationalization Of BTL Was Political Mileage

The BTL Arbitration Award was in the headlines for a number of days, emphasizing on the almost half a billion dollars that would have to be paid out.  In the PUP press brief conducted today, the issue was once again brought up.   This time, the PUP questioned the Prime Minister on his secret meeting with Lord Michael Ashcroft in Miami.

I cannot allow today to pass without talking about the Miami sell out agreement that the Prime Minister has shackled us with and I truly believe that the Prime Minister and his advisors did not fully understand what it would actually cost the Belizean people when he nationalized Belize Telemedia Limited in 2009. At that point and looking back at it the nationalization of BEL and BTL was solely for political mileage and nothing else. I listened keenly this morning to the Prime Minister’s interview on Love Fm, he tried to explain this scandalous and some are saying illegal sell out agreement that the Prime Minister alone brokered in Miami with Lord Ashcroft. The truth is that this BTL fiasco starting with the nationalization and all the way to the Miami sellout agreement was all about Dean Barrow and his UDP politricks. Ask yourselves the question, who benefited from this fiasco? Certainly Lord Ashcroft Benefited handsomely but it does not end there. Since the nationalization in 2009 who has been the chairman of BTL? Who is the CEO of BTL? None other than the Prime Minister’s son Anwar Barrow. Who is the lawyer representing BTL? Who are the board members of BTL? And you should ask how much they are being paid. The reality is that only UDP cronies and Lord Ashcroft have benefited from this sell out while they have benefited we the people have lost our future, $557 million dollars of it plus interest.”