PUP nominates Municipal Elections Slates

PUP nominates Municipal Elections Slates

Nomination Day – it is part of the election process where those persons looking to get elected are required to be nominated before the Elections and Boundaries personnel.  Once it has been ascertained that they meet all the requirements as a political candidate, they are secured a space on the ballot.  For the upcoming municipals, nominations were conducted today across the nine municipalities, in three parts.  First was the People’s United Party.  Here is News Director, Renee Trujillo with a review.

Renee Trujillo, News Director, Love News: Nomination Day 2024 is over and the Elections and Boundaries has officially registered the political candidates for the March 6 Municipal Elections. This morning saw the People’s United Party present their candidates for the nine municipalities. There were no hiccups and no objections. What we did see was the outpour of support from PUP area representatives as each municipality had a motorcade to escort the council candidates to get nominated. In Orange Walk Town PUP Party Leader, Prime Minister John Briceno was at the Sandy Hunter Library after weeks on the campaign trail.

Hon. John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “People have been acknowledging the work,  recognizing the work of the PUP Town Council that they believe that Mayor  Shepherd has been attentive to their needs and that he does not only sit in an office but has been out in the streets ensuring that the work of the council is getting done and so today when you start to see all the people that are out here showing their support, displaying their support it fills me with optimism and I sincerely believe that here in Orange Walk Town we are going to have another victory for the People’s United Party on March 6.”

Renee Trujillo, News Director, Love News:  Further north in Corozal Town PUP’s mayoral candidate Rigoberto Vellos was flocked by supporters as he made his way to the Magistrate’s Court where he and his slate of six aspiring councilors were nominated. 

Rigoberto Vellos, PUP Orange Walk Mayoral Candidate: “This is a morning we’ve been looking forward to on nomination day. It’s a very important day for us. We start showing the energy, we start showing the life that PUP has in Corozal and we’re excited. We can’t wait for the 6th of March.”

Renee Trujillo, News Director, Love News: The motorcade in Belize City set out from the PUP Secretariat on Queen Street to the ITVET compound on Freetown Road. Bernard Wagner, who is seeking a third consecutive victory, led his slate of ten flocked by supporters and area reps including Kareem Musa. Belize City however is not the only municipality that saw area reps coming out in full support.

Andre Perez, PUP Area Representative: “It’s totally festive today, democracy is at it’s fullest and we’re really excited that the supporters are out here. It’s clear that we are poised to just get reelected.”

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Area Representative: “It’s an exciting day in Dangriga. The people are joyous and we are asking them humbly to give us another opportunity to continue the work that we have been doing.”

“We are a constituency that is positive. We know that the People’s United Party is the ruling party in power, central government municipalities and Benque is going to be once more elected under this leadership of Honorable John Briceno and myself as the area representative. People’s United Party is going to continue to reign here in Cayo West.”

Renee Trujillo, News Director, Love News:  In San Pedro one curious fact is that Walberto “Wally” Nunez, the PUP Mayoral Candidate, was nominated by Jazz Azueta. Azueta up to September was the UDP standard bearer for Belize Rural South. Every other municipality had their PUP candidates officially registered which secures their names for the March 6 Election ballots. Essentially every PUP expressed confidence that they will take office on March 7.

“It’s my first time being nominated for an election and I’m grateful that it is for a great party like the PUP. So I’m feeling very excited.”

“Very much pleased to see the turnout when it comes to people that come out to support me on this nomination day. Imagine that at this hour is working time and most people are at work but you can see a least a hundred persons out here giving me that support. This talks for itself that his team are in popular demand by the people of Dangriga.”

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: Tell me how confident you are going into the upcoming election.

“Very. Very. Our work speaks for itself.”

Walberto “Wally” Nunez, PUP Mayoral Candidate: “I’m feeling very positive. The vibes out here is really good. Our people out here are ready to support us. PUP 7 down the line come March 6.”

“With a PUP Central Government and a PUP local government we can make San Ignacio and Santa Elena the best town of the country of Belize and with this team we have a nice young and dynamic team and our manifesto is out so vote PUP 7 and we’re humbly asking for that support and once again thank you San Ignacio and Santa Elena for your unwavering support and for greeting us into your homes and in your neighborhoods.”

“It’s a great feeling. I think this is a proud moment for everyone and we are grateful to have our supporters out here. The People’s United Party has accomplished a whole lot from the 1950’s. We must be proud to be member of the People’s United Party, a party of great history the peaceful constructive Belizean revolution.”

Renee Trujillo, News Director, Love News:  Nominations for the PUP continued up until midday today.

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