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PUP Passes Resolution For Fonseca Not To Be Challenged in Upcoming National Convention

And Fonseca did make a statement where he announced with absolutely no reservation that he will be remaining in the seat of the PUP’s Party Leader, a position he has held since the last party convention in 2011.  According to Fonseca, the meeting had quorum and with that it was decided that he remains at the helm of the ship.


“The letter from our colleagues was tabled as a priority issue and following a frank, honest and robust discussion the following decisions were taken. (1) A National Convention which we had agreed to from our last joint meeting of Standard Bearers in the National Executive on March 18, we reaffirmed and confirmed that decision which was taken on March 18 at which we had 28 of our standard bearers present and every single one of them signed off on that agreement and resolution for the holding of a national convention at the earliest; no later than the end of this year and that the post of party leader will not be open to challenge at that national convention.”

In today’s meeting the media was told that a National Convention will be held before the end of the year.