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PUP please with Franz’s Resignation

The Opposition, People’s United Party welcomes the news of Franz Parke’s resignation from the Court of Appeal. That is what the opposition stated in a press release issued today following a release from the office of the Prime Minister. In a press briefing this afternoon, Leader of the Opposition John Briceno echoed the sentiment.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“This is not the time for celebration or for gloating that we had a win over the Prime Minister. I think we should never reach to a point where we are challenging the Prime Minister’s appointments to either Supreme Court or to the Court of Appeal but saying that I want to welcome the news that justice Frank Parke has tendered his resignation as a justice for the court of appeal. I think that he did the right thing. It is very important for us to always feel that the judiciary is independent and that there is no undue influence on the part by anybody be it the government or the opposition. I want to point us also that I already instructed our lawyers to withdraw that case because we no longer need to proceed with that case.”