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PUP Presents Good Governance Agenda on Their 66th Birthday

Sixty six years ago, the People’s United Party was formed and the friends and supporters of the blue and white camp began their celebration from last Saturday when they held their National Party Council meeting in Belize City.  Today, the party stepped outside Independence Hall for a press conference where they presented a Good Governance platform.  Before we tell you the reason for this platform, we spoke with the PUP Chairman, Henry Usher on the party’s birthday celebration.


The legacy of the Right Honorable George Cadle Price who founded the PUP has lived on in the school’s curriculum but with a limited version of his sacrifices and struggles he made to take the nation into independence.  We asked Chairman Usher what the blue and white party is doing to make his legacy a more entrenched one in the minds of young persons.


With only ten months into the Barrow administration’s third term, Party Leader John Briceno was asked about the purpose of today’s Good Governance agenda launch to which he responded that this is not just a pretty piece of paper with pretty words; the PUP means business.


The Good Governance agenda looks at eight key points including election reform, separation of powers, fulfilment of regional and global commitments, effective and efficient public service and an empowered legislature.