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PUP ready for election in spite of Referendum Outcome

While we had the Party leader at our disposal following the caucus meeting, the media asked him about his reflections on the May 8 referendum since his only remarks were given via a pre-recorded video statement. Briceno indicated that he did not believe that the Party lost any momentum with the results of the referendum and believes the PUP will still form the next Government.

John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition (PUP): “It is not a matter about being satisfied or not being satisfied. It is a matter about accepting the will of the people. I think that Belizeans showed that they did not go to display and show support for any political affiliation. I think people just went out there and voted for what they think was in their best interest, what they think was the best for Belize like for instance in Orange Walk Central there are a lot of my supporters that have supported me election after election and felt that they needed to go and vote yes and they did. Likewise, that happened across the length and breadth of this country. That is something we have been waiting for so whenever Government of the UDP decides to call the elections we are going to be ready. Now we don’t know if the UDP is ready because they have some massive challenges, internal issues that they have to address in front of them. They don’t even know who is going to be the next leader so we are waiting. We certainly cannot match dollar for dollar that the UDP has amassed in 2008 because if you are going to look around at certain people that are closely affiliated to the UDP they have become multi-millionaires off the backs of the Belizean taxpayer so obviously it is not about matching dollar for dollar. It is about having a good campaign, coming up with progressive policies, having better candidates, better messaging and hard work. We are going to work harder than them because it is very important for us to have a change in this country. From all metrics it is a spiral downward from unemployment to poverty, to crime, to education, to the economy, you name it is there, our corruption index has gone up. It is the highest ever, we have to change this country and the Belizean people understand that. Let’s not fool ourselves, the decision that was done on May the 8th was in not in any way affiliated to any political party. People went out there and felt that it was in the best interest of this country to be able to go to the ICJ, it is something that every single citizen in this country needs to accept and then to be able to work together as one, speak as one in ensuring that we can defend Belize.”