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PUP resists court action brought by Arthur Saldivar; re-opens application process for Belmopan Division

The People’s United Party addressed the matter of the Arthur Saldivar who has resorted to legal action against the party for not accepting his application to contest the general elections for the Belmopan constituency. The matter was first taken to court on June 28. Saldivar sought to have an injunction to postpone the convention that was scheduled last Sunday. The matter was adjourned to this Friday but even without an injunction, today the PUP Chairman Henry Usher said they have decided to push the convention back and reopen the application process. Here is what he said.

PUP Chairman Henry Usher: We intend to resist this claim entirely on its merits however as for those of you who were in court last Friday the matter to be determined this Friday is whether there is an issue of fact and whether an injunction would be granted and we are saying that perhaps there might be an issue of fact. He is claiming one set of facts; we are certainly claiming a different set of facts and for that reason we have decided to suspend the convention until the end of August and re open the application process. That is what he is claiming, he can put in his application but in terms of what the procedure followed we entirely disagree with his position. The application of Arthur Saldivar was not accepted so it was not vetted by the vetting committee because he was under our belief he was suspended so it never went to the vetting committee. We didn’t have an application for the vetting committee.

Reporter: Mr. Andrews?

PUP Chairman Henry Usher: His application did go to the vetting committee yes. Well it’s certainly not to escape any kind of legal liability because we believe that our position is firm and the correct one but we also believe that it’s not fair to be in limbo for our three candidates nor the residence and supporters in Belmopan. Anything can happen on Friday if there is an injunction and so on so we believe that it’s important to have this process to have a determined date as to when the convention will be and that is the reason for doing this.


Usher says that the party is accepting applications up until July 13th. Saldivar’s case goes back to court on Friday of this week.