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PUP says Edmund Castro must be removed from Cabinet

The Opposition, People’s United Party has called for the removal from Cabinet of Minister of State Edmund Castro following the withdrawal of his lawsuit against Alvarine Burgess. Burgess had made a number of claims in a televised interview, accusing Castro of using his Ministerial office for illegal and corrupt practices in the sale of visas to foreigners.  According to the PUP, by failing to clear his name and his reputation and by withdrawing his law-suit in the Supreme Court, Minister Castro is effectively admitting the statements made by Mrs. Burgess are true and correct and therefore he is in breach of the Constitution of Belize and violated the Immigration Laws and the criminal laws of Belize. No serving Minister has ever admitted that he is a corrupt person. The PUP statement goes on to say it was expected that on the withdrawal of his lawsuit, Castro would have offered a public apology and tendered his resignation and neither Minister Castro nor his Government has so far informed the public of the consequences of his withdrawal and admissions. According to the PUP, this failure of Minister Castro to salvage his battered reputation has placed him and his Prime Minister in a position where Minister Edmund Castro either tenders his resignation, or the Prime Minister dismisses him from his post in the Cabinet. The release ends by saying the People’s United Party, as the constitutional opposition of Belize, has the duty and responsibility to call on Minister of State Edmund Castro to tender his resignation forthwith, and if he does not resign, the Prime Minister of Belize has a duty to remove Castro from Cabinet.