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PUP Says Expedition Is Not Political Mischief

Yesterday we told you that the People’s United Party is getting ready to go to the Sarstoon on Friday; turns out, we were mistaken as that expedition is being planned for Saturday, May 21.  As Senator Eamon Courtenay told Love News, it is being done towards internationalization of the issue and the aggression of Guatemala.  Meanwhile, Opposition Leader, John Briceno says this is the time to take a stand and it is not about being controversial.


“As to the Sarstoon we have made it abundantly clear that we are going to visit the Sarstoon, we are working on setting a date, it’s going to be before the 30 days is up. I am happy to hear that the government has decided to open up the Sarstoon somewhat that if you go to the Forward Operating Base and report then you can be allowed to go to the Sarstoon and if that is the case then we are going to see if it is so because we are going and we are going to stop at the Forward Operating Base of the BDF before we go on to the mouth of the Sarstoon. We are not creating any political mischief. Our party is the party of independence, we fought for the independence, our party led the nationalist movement and we have every single right to go anywhere in this country. We are not creating mischief, we are creating awareness of the challenges that we are facing at the Sarstoon river and that is why we are planning on visiting the Sarstoon.”