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PUP Says Fonseca and G-11 Have Agreed on The Way Forward

There has been a lull in the movements of the G-11 of the People’s United Party in the last few weeks.  The last we heard was that they were waiting for concerns to be addressed by the Party Leader Francis Fonseca, among them being a national convention and a one on one meeting with him.  That meeting happened today with ten of the eleven standard bearers as Dan Silva was reportedly out of the country.  The PUP did not delve into the details of their discussions but via a press release they did say, in part, quote, “Party Leader, Honorable Francis Fonseca met with 10 Standard Bearers of the Party to finalize discussions related to specific concerns raised by these Standard Bearers over the past several weeks. At the conclusion of the meeting all present were satisfied that an agreed upon process and structure is now in place to positively and effectively respond to all concerns raised.”  End of quote.  As we mentioned, the release was vague and has prompted several questions as it relates to their statement of processes and structures agreed upon during today’s meeting.  It is uncertain as to whether those processes and structure now in place will see Fonseca go to a contested national convention or whether there will be the rescinding of the resolution whereby elected officials cannot be challenged.  Either way, it is left to be seen how those structures will play out in the coming months as the country prepares for a general election.  The release concluded, stating, quote, “All Standard Bearers committed to working fully with the Party Leader and other Standard Bearers of the Party in advancing the Party’s agenda of Reform and Change and to unify against the corruption, mismanagement and incompetence of this UDP government.”  End of quote.