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PUP Says GOB is Hijacking Senate Investigation

In the political arena, the main opposition party, PUP has issued a release condemning what they have cited as an attempt by the Government of Belize to railroad the selection of an impartial and effective Senate Select Committee.  The release says that the Government is hijacking the investigation and that it is clear that the Barrow administration will not allow for objective scrutiny into corruption by the Cabinet ministers.  The release went on to state, quote, “As a duly-elected Opposition with a mandate to serve the people, we are dismayed that the Government refuses to listen to strident calls for good governance. The demands are for the implementation of measures that would provide critical checks and balances in government and would restore integrity to a governance system which has gone completely awry.  On Wednesday, at a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the membership resolved that the Chamber would not participate in the Senate Select Committee as it now stands. The membership of the business sector also voted overwhelmingly for a nationwide shutdown if the Government of Belize does not comply with the demands for good governance. Even at that meeting, UDP operatives blatantly attempted to hijack the process, revealing to what depths the government will go to protect itself from scrutiny and to continue on this path of brazen corruption.”  End of quote.  The PUP closed its release by reiterating their solidarity with the teachers and now with the Belize Chamber of Commerce as they call for a nationwide shutdown.