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PUP says the root of crime is poverty

Belize has definitely seen a rise in crime in the past couple months, starting with the triple murder that took the life of a dedicated educator, followed by the five men killed at sea and the double murder of a well-known tour guide and an American Cardiologist. At the PUP’s conference held earlier today, Parliamentarian, Kareem Musa commented on these latest murders, saying that the root of the problem is poverty, and the rampant poverty in Belize is the fault of the UDP.

Kareem Musa – Shadow Minister, Communications and Public Utilities: No doubt crime is one of the top priority issues, It is a national issue, not a political issue. Crime does not affect just PUPs or UDPs or Independent parties. We have always extended an olive branch to the Government for us to come up with a national plan to address crime in this country. It is very unfortunate that we have had mass homicides: first, the triple murder involving the teacher and two others, then followed by the quintuple murder of those five Belizeans at sea and then the double homicide in San Pedro. No doubt there is a lot of alarm on the island of San Pedro and rightfully so because the loss of one American life can spiral out of control affecting their entire livelihoods on that island and we fully appreciate that but we want to urge the Police Department to place emphasis on all murders, for all Belizeans because all Belizean lives matter so while they are out there in San Pedro focusing on that let us also increase the number of boots on the ground and all these band-aid policies all across this country. At the end of the day to answer your question on crime Hipolito, crime is just a symptom, the real issue is poverty and this Government has failed to address poverty in this country, they have failed to provide a quality and affordable education for our young people, failed to provide job opportunities for our young people to earn a living wage in this country and so long as that continues in the downward trend that it has the crime will continue.”