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PUP Says the Money Is Coming and They Are Ready for Elections

So, with the elections coming up in about five weeks, leaving very little time for the opposition and third parties to prepare for battle, we asked Opposition Leader, Francis Fonseca just how ready is the People’s United Party; considering how financially strapped they were in the last two bi-elections and the municipals.  According to Fonseca, the monies are coming and so will their proposals and papers particularly on Government reform.


“We are ready. Our machinery is ready, constituency by constituency we have been working on that for several months and the money will be there to fight this election over the next five weeks. Over the next five weeks we will be travelling across the country, we will be holding public rally’s in each district. We will  be unveiling our policy papers on health, economic reform, on governance reform. Of course as always we will be unveiling our manifesto a bold progressive manifesto with exciting new ideas for the Belizean people. The central theme of our manifesto is reform, governance reform, education reform, health reform, economic reform. Those are the central issues.” 

When Fonseca was asked whether the financing would be coming from Lord Michael Ashcroft, he told the media that he has not been in touch with him.