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PUP says “we have lost on the ground and we have lost on the diplomatic stage.”

Wilfred Elrington for the, what PUP refers to as weak and inaccurate comments made in New York last week, the criticisms has now been extended to the administration when it comes to the Belize/Guatemala issue.  The People’s United Party, for some months now, has been campaigning on the platform that Elrington is an inadequate representative for Belize particularly when it comes to the Belize/Guatemala territorial issue and with that in mind the PUP has been telling the people to vote to the ICJ.  Today, the party was asked to clarify whether they are opposing all movements made by this Government because of Elrington.

Lisa Shoman: “No the problem is not the personality of Sedi Elrington the problem is the management of this UDP administration of a strategy and policy that had been painstakingly crafted and carried out. There was as you know a bipartisan commission which was dealing with matters and what we saw was after the Guatemalans had actually dropped their promise to proceed to referenda from there we saw a series of steps that were taken which did not lead to better relations and which in fact as the past year and half has shown have emboldened the Guatemalans to increasingly act aggressively towards Belizean civilians and even Belizean Military.”

” From 2011 check your archives the People’s United Party came publicly and said that the government had abandoned the Chiquibul to the illegal incursions of the Guatemalans. The government of the UDP had abandoned the Port of Honduras to unlawful fishing by Honduran and Guatemalan fishermen. There has been no response to the rape and plunder of the Chiquibul or to the Port of Honduras. We have seen consistently the refusal of the United Democratic Party Government to fund FCD , TIDE, SATIM and others that try to go out there and preserve our patrimony and natural resources. The point of the matter is this, under the incompetence of the United Democratic Government, under the very poor management of the United Democratic Party Government we have lost on the ground and we have lost on the diplomatic stage.”

Now, it was about eight to nine years ago that the then Prime Minister had done an interview saying that the ICJ was the way to go and that Belize had a winning case.  So, what has changed in less than a decade?  According to the PUP, they are now looking at the issue from a more mature perspective.

” We say without apology that our position has matured and our position continues to be refined on a day to day basis meeting the reality on the ground and on the international stage, we say that without apology.”