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PUP Senator Valerie Woods says PM is dodging the bullet

Lisa Shoman is receiving even more support, this time, from PUP Senator Valarie Woods. Woods also had some choice words for Minister Wilfred Elrington’s comments calling it “disgraceful and egregious”.

PUP Senator Valerie Woods:

“It’s a very critical situation that we find ourselves in. This is not about Lisa Shoman she herself has stated that publicly it’s about a serious erroneous statement that the Foreign Minister made about this country and its borders and a statement that the Prime Minister and his cabinet up to this hour has refused to denounce, has refused to address. The media to my recollection has not yet put the question directly to them ‘Do you agree with the Foreign Minister’s statement?” If the answer to that question is yes Johnelle then we should all be outraged with this government. They are on record stating that they want to go to the ICJ that they will be working or are working on the plans for a referendum to go to the ICJ which at the very core is about recognizing an understanding that Belize has its borders and therefore Guatemala we denounce and reject your claim.”

At this point, Woods says, that it is unclear whether the Prime Minister and his cabinet agree with the statement uttered by Minister Elrington. She says it is something of utmost importance that the public needs to know, especially since the Prime Minister is asking Belize to go to the International Court of Justice to settle the Belize/Guatemala Dispute .

PUP Senator Valarie Woods

“If they are going to ask the citizens of this country to please have faith in them and go to the ICJ the very least this government should be doing is denouncing the erroneous false statements uttered by the Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington.”

Woods says whether Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lisa Shoman’s statements  will cause her to get in trouble with International Development Bank (IDB) is neither here nor there. She told Love News that the Prime Minister needs to address the comments made by his Foreign Affairs Minister regarding Belize’s border.

PUP Senator Valarie Woods

“He doesn’t address the issue. He attacks, as I said the messenger trying to distract and divert attention to ‘Oh I don’t want to get involved because I received some notice of some sort.’ pretends he hasn’t seen the open letter and he doesn’t want to get involved because of perhaps some issue there with Ms. Shoman and an arrangement with IDB that is a matter of Ms. Shoman and she will address that I am sure. Address the statement made by your foreign minister it has critical implications for a country. One who you are asking as its leader to go to the ICJ so you must address it and denounce it.”