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PUP Senatorial Seats Up For Consideration

Upon winning the seat of Party Leader for the PUP, John Briceno spoke of looking at all positions in the party and restructuring if necessary while strategically putting persons in place to speak on behalf of the party.  One section that was mentioned was the Senatorial seats which are currently held by Anthony Sylvestre Jr., Lisa Shoman and Patrick Andrews.  According to Briceno, a final decision should be had by the end of the month regarding the Senatorial seats.


“We certainly said that we would be looking at all the posts that are there to be filled and the Senatorial appointments are one of them.  We are looking at them and we have not done a final decision if we are going to change and if we do change who is going to be changed but we expect that that is something that is going to be placed by the end of this month.”


“Are there any specific individuals that you are looking at?”


“Not necessarily specific individuals but what it is that we expect from our Senators. We need people that are well prepared, people that are determined, articulate, people that understand the issues and that can stand up and defend the position of the party and at the same time that they are going to stand up for the people of Belize because at the end of the day our most important job is to be able to represent the 65,000 people that voted for us in November of 2015.”

Love News understands that the persons being looked at are Valerie Woods and Eamon Courtenay with Shoman retaining her seat.