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PUP Senators Remain

Friday, November 13 will be the first official gathering of the elected Area Representatives and appointed Senators at the National Assembly in Belmopan.  According to the Chairman of the PUP, the three Opposition Senators will not be changed.


“In terms of the Parliamentary appointments we have a joint meeting of the House and the Senate on Friday. The Leader of the Opposition will continue to be the Honorable Francis Fonseca until a new leader is elected and the Senators will continue to be those three that were appointed prior to the election, namely, Senator Lisa Shoman, Senator Anthony Sylvester Jr and Senator Patrick Andrews those will continue to be our senators until a new leader is in place and a new team is in place and they will have an opportunity to change Senators. Those Senators will be sworn in on Friday and I think there is a joint meeting on the foothills at the National Assembly.

At Friday’s sitting, the Senators are expected to be sworn in as well as the members of the House of Representatives.  The Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers were sworn in last Thursday and Friday, respectively.