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PUP Senators say GOB violated the Finance and Audit Reform Act

According to the PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay, there was noncompliance by the Government in following the regulations set out in the Finance and Audit Reform Act. They say that this noncompliance amounts to a criminal offense. UDP Senator, Michael Peyrefitte disagrees.


“This is an extremely serious matter that civil society ought to become very interested and should take steps to ensure that what was revealed should be dealt with according to law. Well anybody can make a complaint. I won’t speak for the other parties I will speak for the People’s United Party. As you know this came to our attention yesterday. We had the admission from the Financial Secretary in the Senate Committee yesterday. We have briefed the party leader and I think that what we are going to do is await the detailed information from the Financial Secretary and then call the executive to meet and take a decision but what is clear is that there has been noncompliance with the Finance and Audit Reform Act which is a criminal offence and certainly at this stage a complaint can be made to the police for an investigation to be done and for a prosecution to be launched for criminal violation of the Finance and Audit Reform Act.”


“Yes, they talk about the punishable by jail time. Listen to me nobody has done anything that will warrant any criminal offense in my view but then again if they feel that they have a complaint about a criminal offense they can go to the police make a report and the DPP can do whatever she wants. She is a constitutionally created office; she sits in a constitutionally created office if she believes that a criminal offense has occurred I guess she would take the natural course of justice as she always does.”

As we said, the bill was approved at the end of the Senate Sitting.