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PUP Southern Caucus says No to the ICJ

The Peoples United Party (PUP) does not have an official position on whether or not Guatemala’s unfounded claim on Belize should be forwarded to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).But in April, the Leader of the Opposition John Briceno said in his personal view QUOTE “sooner or later we will have to get to the ICJ.  Maybe not now or next year, or five years, but sooner or later we will, because there is no other alternative.”  But, it seems there is a break in the ranks of the PUP and the Southern Caucus has made up its mind and has issued a resounding no.  The PUP’s Southern Caucus met last week and said the decision was made based on the views of the vast majority of its membership. Since the south has the most to lose, from the Sarstoon to the Sibun, if there is an unfavorable ruling, it was necessary to declare its position. The press release from the Southern Caucus went on to say that even a favorable ICJ ruling, cannot guarantee that the Guatemalans will abide by such a ruling. Their record of aggression and lawlessness against their own people is proof enough that they cannot be trusted to adhere to any ruling that they were to find unfavorable. The Southern Caucus indicated it would not give in to paranoia and fear and they choose to be Belizeans with all our territory intact as envisioned by the Father of Belize, George Cadle Price.