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PUP standard bearer speaks of plans for reform

PUP’S standard bearer, Francis Smith, held a press briefing on Sunday morning. Smith covered several topics including the movement of the G10 and their agenda.

Dr Francis Smith – PUP Pickstock standard bearer

“We see ourselves more or less as a reform movement. I want to be careful saying that because again I don’t want people to think that this is another Godwin Hulse talking reform. We want to demonstrate with this movement what we think is necessary in both political parties that people while in the position and by practice we lead by example. We are not afraid and we want to encourage this in the population, to be intolerant, to have zero tolerance for irregularities and corruption. The only way you will achieve this is if we the leaders the standard bearers lead by example. We have to demonstrate to the public that we are not afraid to voice what the people on the street are voicing.”