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PUP supporter claims he’s disenfranchised and can’t vote

The media was called to the Peoples United Party (PUP) headquarters on Queens Street in Belize City. A city resident was complaining that he was told he would not be able to vote in the May 8 referendum. Clarence Hall who is allegedly unable to vote still hopes to have his voice heard on Wednesday.

Clarence Hall – Allegedly Unable to Vote: “The young lady at the office looked at me and told me that I cannot vote until two months time.”

Reporter: “When did you make the application first?”

Clarence Hall – Allegedly Unable to Vote: “This was two months time.”

Reporter: “You went in and you registered right?”

Clarence Hall – Allegedly Unable to Vote: “Yes for two months time I went inside to register and the lady looked at me and told me that I cannot get my voters I.D. until two months time. I didn’t understand that so I came to inquire how to take care of this business so I came upstairs to the office to find out because I want to know what happened because this is a serious thing. This is a problem because I am Fort George Division Victoria Street. I voted for the Prime Minister, George Price and Said Musa so I need to do my voting tomorrow. I don’t understand why I have to wait two months time, you understand, that is crazy. The lady looked right at me and told me I can’t get my voters ID until two months time so why give me this paper. The young lady went and told me that they went to inquire where I lived and that I don’t live there. I told her I lived at 26 Victoria Street through an alley so I don’t understand that. I came to find out what is happening and what is the solution because I need to vote. I am PUP all the way, I am not ashamed in my game.

Reporter: “This paper is saying Pick stock and you said in Fort George, Do you understand why that happened?”

Clarence Hall – Allegedly Unable to Vote: “I don’t understand either, that has me puzzled, it is really puzzling because I live in the Fort George Division and watch what this thing says. They got things tied up, they got it to mess right up. I don’t understand and then the officer is telling me to calm down inside of the building and I asked the lady my gosh my sister what happened I won’t be able to vote? she said no until two months time.”

Earlier today the Elections and Boundaries Department issued a reminder to electors who wish to vote in the May 8th, 2019 Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum that they are allowed to vote with or without an identification card.