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PUP Supporters Oppose Possibility of Boycotting Bi-Elections

The news of the People’s United Party seriously considering to bow out of the upcoming bi-elections in Dangriga is not sitting well with their very own supporters and some of its executive members.  The testament to this was laid out over the social media within the last twenty four hours.  One thread that started a discussion was from the PUP Orange Walk Mayor, Kevin Bernard, who posted on his social media page that he is shocked and in disbelief that the thought to not contest the bi-elections is even being contemplated.  Within the first paragraph of his writings, he said, quote, “Please tell me this isn’t so. If it is, then I need to respectfully ask if those making the decisions, or giving the advice, are doing so based on the will of the people or just the will of a few. If it is so, then I fear that we can be accused of being completely out of touch with the reality on the ground. If it is so, I fear we may have lost our way.”  End of quote.  Mayor Bernard went on to somewhat remind the PUP leadership and decision makers that the party is not one that quits or back away from adversity and have always stood and fought to the last second and for the last ballot.  His statement got even more powerful when he begged the question as to how the PUP could ever convince voters that the party will fight for them in Belmopan if the party now chooses to run away from a bi-election in Dangriga.  Bernard went on to write, quote, “Let me remind you that Orange Walk Town is the only municipality that currently proudly represents the PUP in leadership. We are here because we fought hard and we fought well. We did not run when we heard the words PetroCaribe. We did not hide when the UDPs came out in force with all their millions.  We stood. We battled. And we won ….. Just the very thought of such an action, is bad for democracy and for all the proud warriors of the PUP. If we concede this bi-election, I fear that we will have lost more than we expect to.”  End of quote.  Another posting was seen on a former PUP Minister and Area Representative, Servulo Baeza.  In that statement, it read, in part, “If your excuse is choosing which battle to fight, and conserving resources, then you have no business in the political arena. As a political party, you want to fight all fights, all battles, big or small. You fight with the people and for the people! By you telling ME, John Q Public voter, that you are choosing your battles then I have no business voting for you entirely. You are telling me that if and when you get into Government, you will choose which battles to fight also; education? Poverty? Economy? Development? Which one of these battles will you choose not to fight because of the lack of resources? If you do not contest this Dangriga Bi-election, I think you shouldn’t contest the General Elections either! Abandon one seat, you abandon all – The mantra of the PUP, touch one, touch all!”  End of quote.  According to the Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, assessments will be carried out in Dangriga and a decision on whether or not they will contest the bi-elections set for July 8, 2015.