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PUP Supporters to Unite for Nomination Day

According to Usher, the process of consultations began immediately following the National Executive meeting and will continue through to the weekend when the party will be bringing its members countrywide to aid in the campaign process.


“We had a team that went down there, right after the meeting on Tuesday.  It consisted of our National Campaign Manager, some members of the national campaign team that are from the south because our national campaign team hails from all over the country, so we had some representatives from the south; they went down there and they are the ones leading the discussions. The Party Leader also went down there yesterday or Saturday evening, I am not sure when he went down but he did go down and he did meet with the National Executive of Dangriga and with the candidate, Anthony Sabal, who the People’s United Party is supporting and endorsing as our Standard Bearer for Dangriga. That was really the process to get them involved and onboard and explain to them what the time frame is. It’s only 24 days to the election, it’s not a lot of time but we are going to hit the ground running. You will see us out there next week nominating our candidate. We are planning some kind of launch this week; we will be informing the media when that is going to happen and I hope and I am calling for a National Party Council over the weekend, hopefully, to be held in Dangriga, so that we can have our entire country and our supporters down in Dangriga and ready to campaign this weekend for Nomination Day on Monday.”

The bi-election is set for Wednesday, July 8 in Dangriga.  Nomination Day is set for Monday, June 22.