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PUP Takes Back Caribbean Shores

For the 2015 General Elections, there were five thousand four hundred and forty voters registered in the Caribbean Shores division and only two candidates vied for the post of Area Representative.  At the close of the polls, the amount of voters that turned out to exercise their right, stood at just over sixty five percent or three thousand five hundred and forty one.  November 4, 2015 was a day where the blue and the red machinery were operating in full gears and with the absence of hostilities and violence, the electoral process ran quite smoothly in the Caribbean Shores area.  The polls closed at 6pm and by 9pm the numbers were in the favour of the People’s United Party.  When the ten boxes from the four polling areas were emptied, Kareem Musa of the PUP had defeated UDP’s Darrell Bradley by 56 votes.  Musa returned to the counting station at the news of his victory and spoke with Love News.


“Well I heard about ten minutes ago while on my way here. Truly an exhilarating feeling; it’s my first campaign and my first attempt at electoral politics, truly exhilarating feeling.  I am so grateful to these people that are standing beside me tonight; they are my team from day one, they have stood by my side. This victory tonight is theirs; so, I want to thank them first. Secondly I want to thank my opponent, Darrell Bradley, he is a formidable candidate as you can see from the election results it came very close. I think it came down to 68 votes; so a round of applause for Darrell, he did a great job. Of course no doubt the people of Caribbean Shores that have that confidence and belief in me as their representative and I will not disappoint, I will deliver for them, Renee, I will tell you that.”

From early on in the afternoon, Bradley did tell us that he would be going home to sleep and would probably come out if there was good news.  But there was no good news for the Bradley camp and so, we didn’t see him last night.  This morning, however, he was at the Prime Minister’s press conference and he spoke briefly on his loss, saying that his support remains with the United Democratic Party.


“Today is the day after elections; there is a new UDP government. We are very energized in relation to that. I am 100% supportive of the Prime Minister and the United Democratic Party. Of course we have to do our own internal post mortem but it’s just looking forward with the optimism; an unprecedented third term with the United Democratic Party at the helm.”

Caribbean Shores is only one of ten divisions in Belize City and while the PUP had a very slim margin of victory in this area, they actually set a record in the Lake Independence division where Cordel Hyde outdid Mark King by one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine votes.  Since the establishment of the Lake Independence constituency in 1984, this win for the PUP is by the largest margin of victory ever attained by any candidate who ran for that area.  This, for Cordel Hyde, marks his second election where he won by such a large margin.  In 1998, he had defeated Hubert Elrington by one thousand three hundred and sixty three votes.  As for the Caribbean Shores area, that was an interesting division to watch particularly since it was a division Darrell Bradley had chosen to run in, with the intention of giving up his seat as the recently elected Mayor of Belize City.  With his plans not turning out that way, we have been told that Bradley may just give up on a political career and get into teaching and legal practice on a full time basis.