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PUP to challenge Parke’s appointment to the Court of Appeal

The People’s United Party has decided to mount a challenge against the appointment of Franz Parke as a Justice to the Court of Appeals. At a press conference last week, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said that Parke will make a fine Justice of the Court of Appeals. According to Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, Parke does not meet the requirement to sit as a Justice of the Court of Appeals. During its national party council meeting on Saturday, the PUP passed a resolution to challenge Parke’s appointment.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“We passed a resolution that we are going to challenge the Prime Minister’s stance. We think it is unconstitutional, we believe that Frank Parke does not have the necessary qualifications, no other than the Caribbean Court of Justice made a ruling that whenever you are going to name somebody to the Court of Appeals it needs to be somebody of high legal standing and we don’t believe that Mr. Parke has that. Mr. Parke left the Caribbean since 1980, yes we know that he is buddies with the Prime Minister but that is nowhere, that in no way means that he qualifies to be a member of the Court of Appeals. The Prime Minister points out that he has already served in the Court of Appeals but we need to put on record that Honorable Francis Fonseca was the leader of the PUP and he wrote a letter not supporting it and during his short tenure he only say on one case and if you were to look at the records you can see for yourself how much work he did in that case. If he wants to be honest Mr. Parke can tell you how much work he did and I’ll leave it as that.”

The Bar Association of Belize has also presented objections to the appointment of Parke.