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PUP to hold national convention on November 26

The People’s United Party’s National Party Council met on Saturday at the Saint Catherine Academy auditorium in Belize City. Before the meeting ended, a resolution was passed which set November 26 as the day when the PUP will hold a national convention. The post of Party Leader which John Briceno currently holds, along with other posts such as Deputy Party Leader will be up for challenge. However, Briceno doubts that anyone would challenge his leadership.


John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“We respect democracy and whenever we call these national conventions any member of the party has the right to offer themselves to serve this party. I think it’s an honor and privilege to offer yourself. So if someone from Crique Sarco wants to offer themselves as party leader or treasurer or whatever it is they have the right and they will not be stopped. Is that going to happen? Quite likely not but should it happen then we need to go through the democratic process but I firmly believe that now our party has one thing in mind and that is to defeat the UDP and the only way to defeat the UDP is for us to be united as a party. I think we’ve had enough of the divisions in the party, enough of the fighting and that we are now focused on one thing. I believe I am almost at the end of my two-year term which would have been at the end of January so we could have had the convention either this October or next year October. I want to take advantage of having a national party council convention, a massive national convention that we can mobilize our people, that we can unite our people and energize the party to lead us into the municipal elections and with that energy we believe we can have success at the polls so while some may think I’m trying to outmaneuver to me it’s more about the party and about winning the next municipal elections.”

While Briceno doubts that he will be challenged, reports have surfaced that Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa will be the challenger. Briceno says that the reports are false.


John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“I have great respect and regard for Kareem and he and I have been working very closely. In every instance in whatever I have asked Kareem to do he takes on the challenge and I met with him yesterday when I told him my plan and he’s prepared to work as a team and he is prepared to continue to support me as the party leader so there is always speculation from different people but I can assure you that you have not heard it from Kareem himself saying that he is prepared to challenge me.”

We also heard reports that Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat is considering challenging Briceno. So we asked Espat but he would not comment on the matter. We asked Kareem Musa but up to news time, we did not receive a response.