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PUP & UDP take to the streets in Sugar City

The People’s United Party’s Orange Walk North Committee has organized a protest for Wednesday morning in that municipality against what they term as the rampant corruption in the lands department by former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. PUP Leader John Briceno spoke about the protest.

Opposition Leader, John Briceno

“They are the ones that are demanding to have a protest. They are making the point that they are disappointed with their area representative, they are disgusted by what they are hearing of the behavior of their area representative and they want to take the opportunity to tell or show not only Orange Walk North or the Orange Walk district but the entire nation. They want to make the point that they are fed up, they are tired of all the corruption that they have been hearing that has been taking place during the time that Gaspar Vega was Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Natural Resources. So they are the ones that are spearheading this demonstration on Wednesday. We in the party we as the Northern Caucasus we met with them and we decided that we are going to support them and so we have all the people from the different constituencies both in Corozal and Orange Walk that are prepared to go out to support Orange Walk North and to speak in one voice to let the Prime Minister of this country understand that we are ashamed of the behavior of Gaspar Vega and that if the Prime Minister is serious about curbing corruption and as he famously said he wants the evidence and now here we have the evidence then we are demanding the Prime Minister take action against Gaspar Vega.”

And while that protest is scheduled to start at nine on Wednesday morning, the United Democratic Party supporters have also organized a counter protest in support of Gaspar Vega. That protest is scheduled to start at eight in the morning.