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PUP urges Belizeans to assist victims of Hurricane Dorian

Reports on the widespread destruction caused by category five, hurricane Dorian, as it hit The Bahamas are still coming in. The Government of Belize has announced that it will be contributing financially to the relief efforts. Early this morning, the Opposition People’s United Party also weighed in via a press release, asking Belizeans to contribute to the Belize Red Cross, which has organized a drive to assist those affected. The release also suggested that the Government should consider opening its figurative doors to families devastated by Dorian. PUP chairman, Henry Usher, told us more today.

Henry Usher, PUP Party Chairman: “Well I think it’s important that we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean and certainly we’ve seen the devastation happening in the Bahamas it’s unprecedented really, I believe the Bahamian Prime Minister referred to it as a generational damage, generational destruction to their country. So whatever we can do as a sister CARICOM nation to assist the Bahamas is something that we need to do whether its the release says allow 12 families to come here so the children can continue to school , whatever resources we can send there maybe BEL can send resources with their linesmen to help them to restore electricity or BWSL can send their linesmen to help restore water services whatever we can do to help the Bahamas we need to do because as the release says today it is the Bahamas tomorrow it could be Belize so we have to do our part.”

Monetary donations can be taken to the Belize Bank, Heritage Bank, Scotia Bank, and Atlantic Bank, under the “Belize Red Cross Appeal” Accounts.