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PUP Wants Ambassador Home for Consultations

Earlier this week the People’s United Party sent out a release on the Belize/Guatemala issue.  That release read, in part, quote, “The PUP calls on the Government of Belize to immediately deliver a strongly worded Diplomatic Note to Guatemala rejecting the spurious claim by Foreign Minister Morales, and to recall our Belizean Ambassador to Guatemala for urgent consultations.”  Alexis Rosado is the Ambassador to Guatemala for Belize and has been serving in that capacity since July 2014.  Today we asked PUP’s Leader, John Briceno to expound on the request they made to have Ambassador recalled to Belize.


“We are not in any sense saying that we must break diplomatic relations with Guatemala. What we are saying is that in diplomatic speech that when you have a major problem with a government what you do is recall your ambassador to come for consultations. Your ambassador is on the ground in the country and he knows exactly most of what is going on better than us who are here in Belize. In this case we believe that the government should have called in Ambassador Alexis Rosado to come in and to be able to properly brief the government as to what is taking place in Guatemala. Is the President in control of the country, is it the military? what is going on? What is the Foreign Minister saying? What is the media saying? What are the people saying in Guatemala and I believe that by bringing him here he can give Belize a proper briefing but secondly and just as important it gives a clear signal to the international body of countries that there is a serious problem between Belize and Guatemala that is why you would recall. It doesn’t mean recall forever or for a year, this is something hat happens all the time between countries so I thought it would be important for us to be able to recall to get proper briefing and to send out the signal to the international community that there is a major problem brewing between Belize and Guatemala.”

Ambassador Alexis Rosado was appointed following the passing of the then ambassador to Guatemala, His Excellency Alfredo Martinez.  Prior to being sent to Guatemala, Rosado had served as the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.