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PUP Wants Immediate and Decisive Action on the Green Hills Incident

And while we await a response from the authorities, the People’s United Party has sent out a release on the reported incident in the Green Hills area.  The release came this afternoon and reads, quote, “The People’s United Party treats with great concern an allegation made by a Mennonite farmer/businessman of Spanish Lookout that he was taken off Belizean soil and forcibly moved into Guatemalan territory by elements of the military and Civilians, some armed with guns and others with machetes. His story about being tied up and threatened on Guatemalan soil should be cause for alarm, and certainly cause for IMMEDIATE and decisive action from the proper and pertinent authorities.  We understand that any incident that happens at and in close vicinity to the border anywhere along the Adjacency Zone must be treated with sensitivity and handled meticulously. But it MUST be investigated. Five days have passed since this alleged incident and we have heard nothing from our Police and nothing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Based on media reports provided on Monday, from various news team who actually visited the site, something did happen in that area where only a narrow but clearly marked line divides Belize and Guatemala. Those media reports suggest that none of our law enforcement authorities have been to, much less processed the scene.  Unlike the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington, we do not believe that our local media have been compromised by foreign interests. We do not believe that they do a grave injustice to our society, but rather make an invaluable contribution which can never be disregarded. We find it unfortunate that it is only through the media that we are made privy to these very consequential and disturbing allegations.  The PUP calls on the Government and all its pertinent bodies to investigate the allegation of kidnapping of a Belizean, by Guatemalans on Belizean soil, and to take all necessary diplomatic actions to follow investigation.”  End of quote.