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PUP Wants Reconstitution of Special Select Committee

The main opposition party, People’s United Party is now calling for an independent and impartial committee to launch an investigation into the illegalities reported in the Auditor General’s Audit Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department for the period 2011- 2013.  The Senate inquiry is to conduct this investigation but the PUP is now asking for a reconstitution o the committee.  The demand for this investigation came via a press release from the PUP stating, quote, “The PUP deplores the fact that the Motion presented by Senator Ashley Rocke was not a Motion from the Churches but in fact a Government Motion. This was a brazen attempt by Senator Rocke and the UDP Government to deceive the Belizean people and the Senate.  The terms of the UDP/Church Motion are unacceptable.  The PUP calls for an urgent meeting of the Senate to re-constitute the Special Select Committee as follows: 1. The Composition of the Special Select Committee be 1 Senator from those appointed by the Prime Minister, one Senator from those appointed by the Leader of the Opposition, one from each of the social partners.  2. The members of the independent and impartial Special Select Committee shall be empowered to call any person as a witness with relevant information related to this process. 3. The Special Select Committee must have its own budget with sufficient resources to conduct a full and proper inquiry.  4. The Special Select Committee must be allowed to hire independent experts including attorneys at law and accountants.  The PUP repeats its strong condemnation of Senator Godwin Hulse for his participation in the Senate proceedings on Friday 30 September 2016 in light of obvious conflict of interest.  The fact that Senator Hulse voted in favor of the UDP/Church Motion, and participated in crafting the ineffective terms of reference of the Committee taints the Committee with bias and renders it unlawful. Senator Hulse cannot be judge, jury and executioner in his own cause.  We join the thousands of Belizeans who continue to agitate for good governance and an end to UDP corruption.”  End of quote.