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PUP Will Contest Dangriga Bi-Elections

At the news of the possibility that the main opposition, People’s United Party would not be taking part in the upcoming bi-elections slated for Dangriga on July 8, 2015, supporters and members of the party expressed their disappointment and discontent that the idea was even being contemplated.  Following a National Executive meeting last Tuesday, June 9, senior officials of the PUP were brief and vague in their interviews with the media, saying that they will be carrying out assessments in Dangriga and would be making a decision following those assessments.  Tonight, we can tell you that the verdict is in and the PUP will be making efforts to see how they can retain the Dangriga seat in the House of Representatives.  Love News spoke with the Party Chairman, Henry Usher, who explained to us how the entire discussion of not participating began.


“Well Renee, first of all I think there was a little misconception coming out of the meeting last week Tuesday.  It was never an option not to contest this election but we are not a party that makes decisions in Independence Hall by itself. We had to consult with the people of Dangriga, we had to consult with the Executive of Dangriga and that couldn’t have been done before the Tuesday’s National Executive Meeting which was already scheduled before the resignation of the Area Representative, Ivan Ramos.  So, that meeting was a meeting that was scheduled prior to that resignation and that was only an item on the agenda for that meeting. What came up at that meeting as the media reported was that there were some people who were maybe suggesting that we not contest this election but in reality the majority of the members of the National Executive and more importantly the majority of our supporters in Dangriga have always said that that is not an option. We are the People’s United Party we are here to contest and win elections.”