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PUP’s Chairman comments on PUP’s steering committees

During his interview with the press, Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa also said that he wasn’t in agreement with how Briceno handled certain matters. Musa said he has told the Party Leader that he had asked that the Party leader exercise more inclusivity and give their people more autonomy. Party Chairman, Henry Charles Usher, responded to Musa’s comments.

Henry Usher – Chairman of PUP

“Well I didn’t hear that part about the steering committees but I can say that as the national executive, I think it was two meetings ago approved the appointment of these steering committees in the municipalities, this is especially the case where a municipality covers more than one constituency, for example Belize City you have ten constituencies including Cayo you have three and you need a steering committee that will be able to guide the campaign in these municipalities. It is really just another name for a campaign committee and they are answerable to the national campaign manager who is the person in charge of guiding the overall campaign in all nine municipalities so in reality it’s a way of including even more people on these committees that we can have as much representation, as much discussion and ideas coming forward from all over these four municipalities.”


“Have there been concerns expressed about the meetings being run apart from what Mr. Musa would have said yesterday.”

Henry Usher – Chairman of the PUP

“Well the campaign very recently started so I’m not sure of that complaint he is referring to in reality we haven’t even rolled out the full campaign as yet in these municipality. So far we’ve had eight of the nine municipalities gone to convention we have the right of the nine teams the only one remaining is Belize City and in the other eight we’ve had a soft campaign launch if you want to call it that and we are going to move into more campaigning and more structured campaigning moving forward and that is where these steering committees will play a major role.”