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PUP’s Deputy Will Not Seek Re-Election

As for Sandiford and her role as the Deputy Party Leader, she says she will not be seeking re-election come January 2016.


“In terms of my post, no. I in fact I wrote myself out of the new structure because I do believe the trust of the party at this point is decentralization, it’s about ensuring the decisions are made at regional levels where regional caucuses sit and meet and make decisions about their challenges and it’s the same way we want to operate when we go to government. Decisions have to be made at the impact point. We cannot be running a party out of Belize City headquarters and make decisions about what is happening in Corozal or Orange Walk. What we need to do as a party is develop policy positions and those policy positions are then tailored at the local level.”

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford has served in several capacities in the People’s United Party including Standard Bearer for the Collet Division, Party Chairman and Deputy Party Leader.