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PUP’s Executive Drafts Five Resolutions on the Sarstoon Issue

The People’s United Party called an emergency meeting of its national executive where five resolutions were agreed upon.  Following that meeting, the party summoned the media to present those resolutions.


“The National Party council of the People’s United Party will meet in Belize City for discussion and approval of the discussions and approval taken by the National Executive and Parliamentary Caucus. These are the decisions that the executive has accepted.

  1. That the PUP, on behalf of Belizeans demand that the Government immediately rescind the unjust Sarstoon Law;
  2. That the PUP recognizes that despite assurances given to the Leader of the Opposition and the PUP to address the unfounded Guatemalan claim in a united national effort, the Government has effectively suspended this national effort by its unilateral actions
  3. That the legal advisor of the PUP is instructed to file a constitutional challenge to the Sarstoon Law
  4. That the National Executive and Parliamentary Caucus has decide to challenge the Sarstoon Law by going to the Sarstoon and
  5. That the PUP is launching a national campaign of the Liberation of the Sarstoon and Resistance to the Sarstoon Law and invite churches, unions, the business community, civil society, community groups and other political parties to join in this patriotic effort.”

Opposition Leader, John Briceno went on to explain why they are against the Statutory Instrument.


“We believe that it is unconstitutional, it is an unjust law and that Belizeans should be allowed to go to the Sarstoon; on our side of the Sarstoon and we need to make that abundantly clear. I believe that if the government is serious that they can also speak to their counterparts in Guatemala to point out that they are going on a peaceful visit to the Sarstoon. We are going to assure them that none of us will have any kinds of weapons, knives or anything. That we are going there on a peaceful visit to assert our sovereignty on our side of the Sarstoon on river.”