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PUP’s Expedition to Sarstoon Planned for May 20

On Monday Government announced that on Saturday, Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington will lead a delegation to meet with his Guatemalan counterpart to discuss a cooperation mechanism for the Sarstoon River. According to the release, a mechanism must be found to guarantee peaceful use, stability, and navigational security at the Sarstoon River. If the Istanbul talks do not produce any immediate final agreement, the OAS will host follow up meetings in Washington D.C. In the meantime, the People’s United Party is continuing with its plans to head down south to the Sarstoon in the coming days.  Love News understands that the trip is set for Friday.  According to former Foreign Minister, Senator Eamon Courtenay, there is a sound rationale behind the planning of this expedition.


“We have to go to the Sarstoon to show the international community that all this talk about peaceful resolution is not so as a matter of fact and it is far more important on the ground than in some conference room in Washington DC and that is why we are going to the Sarstoon. I said it two weeks ago, the government should be going to the Sarstoon, the government should be encouraging people to go to the Sarstoon. It makes our case stronger to the international community. This is not against the UDP, this is for Belize and I believe that the government should be pressing that issue and insisting that civilians who are unarmed be allowed free access to the Sarstoon as well as our BDF unimpeded access and we need to go down there and confront them. When we go to the OAS we want to go with videos showing the OAS Secretary General and the International Community what is happening, that we are dealing with a renegade state and the facts on the ground are important.”

Love News will be bringing reports of this expedition on Friday.