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PUP’s Kareem Musa explains possible ramifications should the court grant BPM’s injunction

There is much more to share with you from today’s press conference which we will share with you later in this newscast.  Moving onto the political scene the hearing for the Belize Peace Movement and their application to put a stop to the elections has been set for October 28.  As stated in a previous newscast the People’s United Party is not all into the idea of putting a pause on the general elections.  A release from the PUP yesterday noted that they have invested much time and money into the November 11 elections.  Today, however, PUP’s Area Representative, Kareem Musa was on The Morning Show where he explained how serious the possible ramifications are should the court grant the injunction.

Kareem Musa, PUP Standard Bearer, Caribbean Shores: “I accept that that is in the constitution but what is also in the constitution and what is even more paramount than that provision is the fact that we must have elections every five years. Could you imagine Ernesto a situation, and this may very well happen, that the government because they want to remain in power go to the court in this case involving the BPP and they actually lay down. Imagine that for a second. The BPP says  “We don’t want elections until redistricting.” the government says no but they don’t put up any proper legal argument they lay down and the judge says “Okay I’m granting an injunction because the government didn’t put up a solid case we’re granting an injunction.” could you imagine how many years we’ll be in limbo? We’ll have another five years of the UDP administration giving them a free five year term. Imagine that. So what I’m saying is the BPP has to be very careful what they’re asking for and that is why the People’s United Party has applied to enjoin the case because we want to make that representation that even more paramount than the proportional redistricting is the fact that you must have elections every five years and ordinarily a court of law should not involve itself or interfere in that particular paramountly important provision of the constitution to say that we are going to throw off the elections for another five years because as you know it would be appeal to the Court of Appeal, it goes to the CCJ are you aware that the BTL debacle took from 2008 to two thousand I think it was when was that finally resolved ? 2014? That was six years.”

Musa, who is also an attorney, says that while the PUP agrees that the redistricting is necessary, he doesn’t see the court agreeing to the postponing the elections.

Kareem Musa, PUP Standard Bearer, Caribbean Shores: “They cannot go beyond February. That is the ultimate limit that any government can serve and in my legal opinion, my humble legal opinion, no court can interfere with that five years and three months provision so even though- and like I said I acknowledge that there is provision that says you have to have proportionality in the divisions I do not see how a court can interfere with the term of a government. So I don’t see how that will happen but at the same time we have to factor in that Dean Barrow might want more time and so he might actually concede to an injunction hearing so we have to look at it from that angle as well and that is why it’s important for the People’s United Party who will be affected by the results by the outcome of such an injunction hearing that they be enjoined because they are an interested party. The outcome of such an injunction would affect other major political parties in the country so that is why it is important to hear our voices when it comes to that particular provision of the constitution.”

Musa says the PUP will commit to having the redistricting exercise carried out should they be elected in Government.