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PUP’s leadership saga

The leadership of the People’s United Party has been changed three times in nine years. John Briceno became the leader in March 2008; Francis Fonseca became the leader in 2011; thereafter, Briceno regained the position as leader on January 31, 2016. However, will he be able to maintain his leadership come November 26? Or will the PUP change its leadership at its national convention? We’ll have to wait and see but as the days go by; Briceno has been receiving letters of endorsements as explained by Kareem Musa.


Kareem Musa – Area Representative for Caribbean Shores

“The party hierarchy has been getting signatures of endorsement for the party leader but when in fact nobody is in the ring yet. So I find that a little weird that they are actually there is this high degree of insecurity and I don’t know where it’s coming from but there is no challenger in the ring but yet we are getting these letters signed and a lot of the area reps and standard bearers are calling me and say they are being pressured to sign on to these letters of endorsement and my suggestion to them is I understand what you are saying but I am not in a position; this is a huge decision for me and all of my supporters so I can’t just make a rash decision even though it’s a very small window that we have to make the decision I can’t make that decision right now. So my advice to them was he is our party leader there is no problem signing onto an endorsement letter at this stage.”

Also, Love News has obtained letters sent to the Party Leader, John Briceno, from the Northern, Eastern, and Southern and Western Caucuses unanimously endorsing Briceno as the party leader.  From those letters, it would seem that the caucuses believe that Briceno has the ability to lead the party into the upcoming municipal elections schedule to take place in March 2018 and the next general elections.