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PUP’s Major Jones Criticizes the SSB Uniform Issue

The clothing allowance and monies spent on the cost of uniforms for the Social Security Board workers have created a flurry of emotions ranging from support to harsh criticisms.  One aspiring Area Representative from the Opposition party who commented on the matter was Belize Rural North Standard Bearer, Major Lloyd Jones.  Jones not only commented on the high cost to produce the uniforms but also on the fact that the job was not sourced locally.


“Well I heard on the news that the uniforms were being procured in Trinidad and Tobago, I believe it is. The first thing that popped into my mind is wow, we don’t have people in Belize who can sew uniforms for our brothers and sisters at Social Security. I think that in this modern day in terms of commerce I don’t see why we couldn’t have procured the materials, even if Social Security did it themselves, procured the materials and have the labor input from here in Belize. In terms of the timeliness of delivery, with proper planning you know when the uniforms are due, you know how long it takes to sew the uniform and with proper planning, know at what point you must have ordered the uniforms so I would not be able to accept such an argument.”

The uniforms were done at a cost of just over two hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars with the material and labor being procured in Trinidad and Tobago.