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PUP’s Youth Arm Calls on Government to Address Youth Issues

The Belize Youth Movement is calling on the Government to address the needs of youths. In a release the group says for over two years the national youth development policy has been ignored by Government. The group has placed a message at the overpass in Belize City, one they say should serve as a reminder of the result of Government’s neglect.  According to BYM “today’s high levels of gun violence and murders, increasing joblessness among young people including graduates, and the growing social breakdown in our neighborhood leading young people to gangs and guns, in particular in the Southside of Belize City are the results of a spiraling deterioration of Government’s commitment to work with and for young people.” BYM says it is calling on the Government to reverse its costly position of neglecting the real issues affecting young people and to begin to invest the necessary resources in the implementation of the National Youth Development Policy.