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Quality Poultry Offering Christmas Promotions Amidst Pandemic

While the country is facing economic hardship many residents are still trying to ensure they purchase these Christmas commodities such as turkey and ham to bring Christmas joy. Love news visited prominent poultry provider Quality poultry and spoke to the branch manager, Andre Salgado about the Christmas deals being offered amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andre Salgado, Quality Poultry Branch Manager: “We do realize and understand that there is a pandemic in the world and Belize of course is impacted as well and yes we do have promotions and we have had since the inception of COVID 2019. December is no different. Last weekend we had a sale on chicken, this weekend we’re having somewhat of a mini Christmas bazaar at Quality Poultry that we have discount on several items. The first one of course most people want for Christmas is turkeys and so what we’re gonna do we are giving .25 cents off per pound of turkey this Friday and Saturday at all the Quality Poultry branches countrywide so from all the way from Punta Gorda all the way to Corozal. We also have promotions we’ve teamed up with Running W, we’ve teamed up with Country Meats, with Softy and Fine Catch Fish and so we are offering 25% discount on all Running W products except for ham, all Country Meats products except for ham, all Softy paper which include the toilet paper, the paper towel, paper napkins as well as the Fine Catch Tilapia fish fillets. That does not even include the 10% discount that we give every end of the month here at Quality Poultry on groceries except for ham as well and grains. Ham why and I know people are asking why ham won’t be on promotion it’s because the profit margin for ham is extremely small, we barely make a penny off the ham we only have the ham to help facilitate the sale of the turkey because people when you think turkey you think of ham. We have one more promotion that has been running since Monday which is we are giving 25% discount off all Quality Poultry seasoned products. So all our seasoned legs, seasoned wings, seasoned breast and seasoned whole chicken.”

If that wasn’t enough the company also is offering more incentives to their customers and social media followers. Salgado also shared how they are giving back through various raffles and on their online platforms.

Andre Salgado, Quality Poultry Branch Manager: This weekend this Saturday each branch of Quality Poultry will be raffling a ham and a turkey. This raffle on Saturday the hams came courtesy Country Meats and so we will be raffling those hams this weekend so it’s a twenty pound turkey and a ham and all you have to do to participate is come and spend twenty dollars of groceries or ham or turkey or whatever. For the purchases of twenty dollars you get a raffle ticket and you enter the raffle so that means each branch location will raffle a ham and a turkey so the chances of you winning is extremely high. On the 22nd of December will also raffle a ham and turkey at each of our branch locations so you have the opportunity to win two ham and two turkeys. Now to make things even bigger and better and glorious and wonderful and amazing we launched a refer a friend program on our Facebook page -find us on Facebook and Instagram – and it’s pretty easy. You just follow the instructions on our Facebook page to win. All you have to do is refer a friend to our Facebook page you automatically get –  you get ten raffle chances just for that one. If you like our Facebook page you get another chance so it’s set up that the more you do, the more friends you refer the more chances you get to win in the raffle and that one this Saturday- remember the branch only is raffling one ham and turkey just for our Facebook followers and Instagram followers and our loyal supporters on Facebook and Insta we are raffling four hams and four turkeys this Saturday. But when you think four hams and four turkeys you’re thinking it’s only four hams and four turkeys, December 22nd I have another four ham and four turkeys. The ham on the 22nd were donated to us by Running W.”

Salgado also informed us the company is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. The Belize City branch is only allowing in fifteen person at a time and sanitizing occurs every hour.