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Quality Poultry Vehicle Robbed and Crashed

That story would fall perfectly into the narrative that Belize City has always had a bad reputation for being the place to be robbed. But theft and burglaries are occurring across the nation. Recently a Quality Poultry truck was robbed on the road to Valley of Peace. Another incident has occurred, this time in Belmopan. The police indicate that the thieves did not only take seven thousand dollars, but also wrecked the Quality Poultry Truck.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Police responded to a robbery report some time around 3:40 pm on Nimli Punit St. in Belmopan where one Fransisco Monteroso 29 years delivery truck driver reported to the police that whilst parked at business place on Nimli Punit St. in order to conduct a delivery. His two side men entered the building and he stay behind in the truck when he was approached by two male hispanic persons who demanded money. One of whom showed him a hand gun and as a result in fear for his life he jumped out of the truck and ran to safety. This is when the assailants then took control of the truck and the monies that were in the truck and drove off. The truck was later found extensively damaged in Belmopan area. We want to urge those who are affected by these robberies to come forward and make reports in order for us to bring the perpetrators to justice. The report you made may be connected to some other crime which would give us a lead into several other investigations and therefore that will help us also as a department to increase our resources including mobile patrols in those affected areas.

No suspects have been identified as yet for this crime.