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Quartet performs at the Mexican Cultural Institute

There is a concert tonight at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Belize City. The quartet will play different genres including baroque, classical and pop music. The concert tonight is free. We spoke to Peter Illavsky and Richard Thomas Leister about what concert goers can expect tonight.

Peter Illovsky – Musician: “I am a musician, I come from Austria Europe. We are doing a series of concerts at the Mexican Institute, the Mexican Embassy and tomorrow is going to be the last concert of the free concerts which we did. We are going to meet with musicians from Belize and musicians from throughout this lovely country. As a group of people we are to say the numbers: we have one violin, one cello, one trumpet, one piano, we have four singers and one guitar player so we have two parts in this program: the first one is Baroque and Classical music, the second one is Pop music. We will also have music by Queen but we perform without microphones, without pre-recording so it is really natural the way Freddie Mercury sang it when he first composed it. This will be a first in Belize.”

Richard Thomas Leister – Musician: “I have been playing the trumpet since I was in fourth grade maybe about ten years old. I have been playing for about forty-five years, professionally for about forty years. I did about thirty years of Broadway, style musicals in Chicago. I also played many Chamber music concerts as well on the Piccolo Trumpet. I was also a teacher at the University level as well as the little guys all the way up so what I bring to this program I don’t know, hopefully, some life experience.”

The concert comes courtesy of the Embassy of Mexico in Belize.