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Queen of the Bay to commence tomorrow

Pageants in Belize have been around for decades and this year marks the seventy-third Queen of the Bay competition, where six ladies will be vying for the title. What’s different from the past years however, is that for the first time, the pageant has been entrusted in the care of the “Association of Former Queens”. Last Year’s Queen of the Bay, Aaliyah Ysaguirre, shares her views on the pageant.

Ms. Queen of the Bay: “It is a lot of emotions. I am overwhelmed. I am actually nervous for the girls. I feel like I am participating in the pageant but it has been a good year and I really enjoyed my reign and I am excited about tomorrow. I think the judges will have a really really hard time because they are exceptional in their own different ways. Compared to last year I would say I guess the pageant seems more organized and everything seems together and the girls they all have been getting along very well.”

She also spoke about the lessons she has learned during the past year and her plans for the future when the crown is passed on.

Ms. Queen of the Bay: “It’s truly been an experience and I will carry this story with me for the rest of my life to share with others and inspire them. I believe everything in my life is a chapter, is a phase and I think it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter. There are lessons I have learned like what and what not to react to and how to keep my composure and that’s a lesson  that you want to learn in life. I am looking forward to going to school and getting my bachelors but as far as pageantry I think Queen of the Bay is the highlight, the highest level of pageantry for me in Belize. To participate in other pageants; I can’t say now but as far as I am thinking right now it’s definitely school.”

The pageant starts at eight o’clock tomorrow night at the Belize Civic Center. The contestants are Shaunda Williams representing Toledo; Jenny Lee Cruz, Miss Belmopan; Carolyn Jang, Miss Stann Creek; Kiara Williams, Miss Belize Rural; Neisha Bailey, Miss Belize City and Ruby Hernandez, Miss Corozal.



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