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Queen of the Bay designate assists Belize Red Cross

The Queen of the Bay designate has reached out to assist the Belize Red Cross after their office was burglarized earlier this week. Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz: “Following the sad news that we reported on Tuesday that heartless thieves broke into the Belmopan Red Cross and stole all the food supplies for the feeding program, well the National Queen of the Bay 2018-2019 Jenny Lee Cruz out of her concern for the children quickly went into action. Jenny Lee Cruz spoke about the reason why she decided to get involved.”

Jenny Lee Cruz: “Yesterday I had the pleasure and honor to serve 25 needy children at the feeding program at the Belmopan Red Cross. As you all know the office was burglarized on Tuesday and they went with all the supplies. The students couldn’t be fed so I took it upon myself and so today is my first gesture to serve the children. Thank you to Ms. Marin Moralez for donating the groceries, my Aunt Jen for cooking along with her daughters and my sister Jay. I am excited about the other ventures that I have in my reign.”

Fem Cruz: “Maria Pena the Administrator for the Red Cross wants to say thank you.”

Maria Pena: “We want to thank Ms. Jenny Lee Cruz for coming over at lunchtime to feed all the children that were here. We are grateful for her showing the love that she has for children. We appeal to the public if you have seen anyone or of you know of anyone who has some of our stuff to please report it the police. We are thankful for all the generous people who have come to the Red Cross and offered their help. We want to thank those who generously gave of their time and went into their pockets to help the Red Cross Children Feeding program. This is Brother Fem Cz reporting for Love FM.”