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Queen of the Bay Committee at odds with Moya

There is trouble brewing within the Queen of the Bay Committee. A statement was issued this afternoon which states quote, “Five of the seven district pageant coordinators for the District Queen of the Bay Committees have united to stand in solidarity against the National Coordinator, Ms Zenaida Moya and her team on the national pageant committee to protest the decision to overrule the judges’ decision in the San Ignacio “Queen of the West” pageant. “ End of quote. According to the statement, the group of district coordinators is in heavy disagreement with a document produced by the National committee, which governs the pageant and its delegates. The group also says that correspondence has been exchanged between the group and Moya. When we called Moya this afternoon, she told us she was in the meeting. However, earlier in the day she explained the rules and guidelines by which all delegates must comply with.

National Coordinator, Ms Zenaida Moya

“We held our meeting immediately after last year’s pageant, the post mortem was held sometime maybe a month or two after so from last year it was held so I believe sometime in November from then we have been preparing for now and we sent out our first rules and criteria for this year from March 9th 2017 so everything that needs to be looked at has started from been so all the contestants out in the districts were to ensure that they got a copy of those rules before they even got into the application stage. so all the district coordinators would have gotten those so it’s a long process and definitely from then there has been work because back and forth we have been communicating with the district coordinators from March 9th coordinating with them to ensure that they know all that we are looking for to ensure that we get the best delegates at this national pageant and from that best data gets them the 72nd Queen of the Bay will be chosen and that person has to be regal that person, has to embody the Spirit of patriotism that person has to have all the qualities that Belize and Belizeans can be proud of weather here or abroad.”

In August 20, the Queen of the Bay National Committee announced that Amy Reyes will be the delegate for Queen of the Bay Cayo. Days before the announcement, judges had decided  that Alyssa Grant should be the delegate for Queen of the Bay, Cayo.