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Queen Square Anglican School prepares for reopening of classes

In less than two weeks from now, schools will be reopening countrywide. As such, they have already begun preparing for the upcoming school year.

In less than two weeks from now, schools will be reopening countrywide. As such, they have already begun preparing for the upcoming school year. Over the past month the schools have been using the guide book from the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety measures are kept. Today, we spoke with the principal of Queen Square Anglican School, Bernadine Conorquie, who told us what measures they have taken to prepare for the school year.

Bernadine Conorquie, Principal, Queen Square Anglican School: “We have been working very hard, our teachers have been in tune with what is happening we have been doing the ground work that needs to happen as we get ready. We hold our students dear to our hearts and so whatever it is that we need to do for their safety that is what we are doing. The Ministry submitted a checklist that we have to follow and we have covered all the bases that we need to cover. There is always room for improvement but we’re still in the process of getting the work done that needs to be done but I must say that we have checked most of the boxes that need to be checked with whatever resources that we have had to garner. Well one of the first changes is you’ll see we have to hand wash station at the gate, we have a total of five hundred plus students all those five hundred plus students will no longer be on the compound at the same time because we have to practice the social distancing. Our students will be coming to school on a rotation basis where some will be coming on Monday and the Group A will be coming Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Group B will be coming on Tuesday and Thursday and then the rotation will start all over again. We are having our PTA to inform our parents of what the reopening for the new school year is going to be like. We have prepared a booklet, we are doing a power point presentation for them. Apart from the power point presentation there’s a booklet that they can take home to become familiar with what these new protocols are that they have to abide by. I must say that parents have various concerns of what will happen for example one parent had a concern where she works out of the city she has several students that are coming here she might not be able to come for those students and if we’ll be able to hold on to these students but we know that one of the things that we try to limit movement and have a number of students on the ground so we’re asking parents for their cooperation in working with us in doing their part and follow the protocol; make arrangements, make the proper arrangement so their students are safe at all times. They need to come and pick them up, they need to do their part along with us as the school and the teachers it’s a three in one the parent, the teacher and the child.”

Schools are set to reopen on August 10.